Thoughts on Notre Dame Game

  • This one may be too obvious, but our offensive line might be a real problem this season. The unit had issues with UCONN's defensive front at the start of the game. Despite ND's two close wins, Notre Dame's defense has actually been quite good through three quarters of each game. Throw transitive property out the window, i.e. "if Toledo could score 29 pts, we should be able to score 30+ on them easily". ND's defensive front is leaps and bounds better than our first two opponents, and I'm simply afraid of the talent gap between our lines will be too much for us to run a functional offense.
  • The Horvath loss is tough, but I think Dorue and Downing will do a fine job filling this role. I think they're both capable of pass blocking and picking up short yardage. Where Horvath's loss will be felt is catching out of the backfield as we've had success pickng up yardage on his swing routes out of the backfield.
  • When it comes to Purdue playing at Notre Dame, starting out strong is all so important, becuase you know Notre Dame will find that obnoxious, cinematic-like momentum to give them a key 4th quarter push. In our last win there all the way back in 2004, Purdue got out to a 20-3 start, but we needed an amazing Jerome Brooks kickoff return for a TD and a late, late 2nd quarter TD to get there. Also, Notre Dame's offense was very not good under Tyrone Willingham
  • On a positive note, I really do believe Notre Dame will get the mentally best version of Purdue. The team is 100% playing with house money. For GK, David Bell, and the rest of the touted 2019 class, this will be the one time they play Notre Dame. I think we'll get the best play and best effort from our best players. Not that I do not think ND will be mentally sharp, but they are looking down the barrel of three straight ranked opponents following our matchup. I don't think ND is looking past us, but for them there simply isn't as much reward and upside in beating Purdue, so mentally, I don't think this game brings them the same motivation and energy as it does to our guys.
  • Overall, Brohm has shown well in big games when he has a healthy roster. Playing Louisville, Michigan and Wisconsin close in 2017, Iowa and O$U victories in 2018. Despite the lingering doubts with Brothers Brohm, I think they are amongst the best offensive playcallers in college football. I heard from one sports anlayst this week that Notre Dame has already given up more plays of over 50 yards this season than Clark Lea's defenses gave up over the three previous seasons combined. Unless their defense ties up all loose ends over a week of practice, this team will leave an opening for big plays. For Purdue to have a chance, our offense will have to create those big plays, which will probably look a lot like deep passes to David Bell. Let's hope we see plenty of this on Saturday.

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