Purdue vs. Notre Dame

Previously, I have written two basketball fanposts here. In each, I did my best to deeply analyze, which makes sense because I understand basketball pretty well. However, football is a different story. Obviously, I understand the game, but I don't have a keen sense for expectations and outcomes of the football games. However, I have watched both Notre Dame games. I have watched both Purdue games. I know that the talent of the opposition was different... but I have to say, I think Purdue is going to win. The story of the game will be how well Plummer is able to find Bell, Durham, ect, but I feel that the real story will be if our line can hold up. If it does, I have Purdue winning. I'm even honestly considering putting money on Purdue. I feel that the "luck" of the Irish(referee help) is going to come to an end Saturday in South Bend, even though I'm positive that they won't let their presence go unknown.

That being said, let me know how you guys feel about this upcoming game. I'm going to be at this one so I'm hoping for a good game. Should I bet? BOILER UP!

ps... if we win, we're officially a football school now ;)

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