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Hammer and Rails Podcast - UConn Shutout

Casey and I look at this past week’s game against UConn and look around the Big Ten.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Connecticut
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

If it’s Monday it must be the Hammer and Rails podcast. On today’s episodes Casey and I discuss the trouncing of UConn. Can you believe that it was a shutout??!?! Purdue sits at 2-0 on the season and we talk a lot about the game.

  • The QB position at Purdue seems settled.
  • Will the offensive line be a problem all year?
  • Is David Bell human?
  • My love (platonic of course) for Broc Thompson continues to grow.
  • Should it worry us that the Purdue defense didn’t get a single sack?
  • Can we learn anything at all from this game given UConn’s talent level?
  • For some reason I go on a long rant about why I think Lovie Smith is a good coach and doesn’t deserve a lot of the crap that he receives. I maintain this is the correct position.

After discussing the game we touch on Notre Dame just a bit and then take a tour around the Big Ten conference and discuss what we can learn from two weeks of college football so far. Make sure to rate, review, hammer that subscribe button, and tell all your friends about us!