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Gridiron Metal Now Has New Offerings

It’s more than just Purdue stuff now.

Forged from the heat of fire and lasers themselves, Gridiron metal has long been a sponsor of our work here at Hammer & Rails. We have supported their work in making custom crafted steel for home and patio. This includes custom grill plates, planters, and more. The best part is that they can make custom plates designed to exactly fit your grill, as well as other custom steel pieces.

They have a ton of Purdue stuff available from grill plates, planters, and more, but they have recently expanded their licensing to include dozens of other schools. They have licenses for more than 100 schools now from Akron to Xavier. Much like Homefield Apparel, they are also constantly adding new schools as well.

These are high-quality, custom crafted products built to last. Give them a look and place your order today. Visit them through our affiliate link here and you can receive a special 15% off of all Purdue items with the code HAMMERTIME!

Also, we’re not only an affiliate, we’re also clients!