Funny Purdue Mention

I was reading the ESPN Gameday wrap up and came across this and I found it hilarious. They mention the 2018 Purdue team and it's obviously tongue in cheek but still cracked up laughing. See the whole article here:

Buy: Oregon's offensive line

There was plenty of credit to go around for Oregon's big win, but no unit worked harder than the Ducks' front five. QB Anthony Brown had a clean pocket for nearly the entire day, and he wasn't sacked once. Meanwhile, Oregon gained 269 yards on the ground, including a whopping 206 before contact. The outside run game was especially dangerous, as Oregon effectively used the same run play, sprung by crackback blocks at the line, on three different touchdowns. It was particularly impressive considering how rare it is for the Buckeyes' defense to look so bad. It only happens against historically great teams like last year's Alabama, the 2016 Clemson national champs and, um, 2018 Purdue.

Looking at next week...I am not so scared of ND anymore after they have struggled the past two weeks and the team they barely escaped last week (FSU) got beat by Jacksonville State today at home. Craziness. Will ND win? Probably. Could it be a blowout loss for Purdue? Possibly. Does it seem more likely now that Purdue could pull an upset? Absolutely.

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