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Purdue 49, UConn 0: In Tweets

Purdue won by so much we were bored in the second half.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue had not won a road game against a non-Power 5 team since winning at Toledo to start the 2007 season. That was so long ago Joe Tiller was still coaching. We saw a litany of losses to non-power 5 programs in that time to Rice, Cincinnati, Marshall, and Nevada, but that streak is now over.

Getting a comfortable road win is always good. Getting a road shutout is rare, as Purdue had not done that in 40 years. I know it is UConn, and because of that we can only take so much from this win, but we’re Purdue fans. Blowing out pretty much ANY FBS level team like this, especially on the road, is cause for at least a modicum of celebration, and that is what In Tweets is here for. It is not our best form of the column because it was a dull second half, but we’ll take it.