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Hammer and Rails Podcast - UConn Predictions

Casey and Andrew discuss the upcoming game against UConn.

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

We are back at it in your ears this fine Friday. We are talking about the upcoming matchup against UConn coming up Saturday.

Listen, UConn is bad, so we aren’t gonna sugarcoat it and try to build them up into some type of juggernaut that Purdue needs to fear. There is always the new coach and new QB factor for UConn but I don’t think Purdue fans need to be sitting on their edge of their seats during this game.

We look back briefly at the 2004 season with all the blowouts to start the year and wonder if this score will rival those early season games against Syracuse and Ball State.

Also at the top we have some non-football news as we discuss a Purdue related NBA signing. How’s that for a tease.

Finally, what and who do Casey and I want to see get on the field if things do get out of hand?