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Purdue vs. UConn Predictions

Can Purdue improve to 2-0? Will Purdue beat the spread?

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NCAA Football: Oregon State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue heads to UConn this Saturday to face one of the worst teams in all of college football. Purdue has the chance to be 2-0 on the young season and take one more step to becoming bowl eligible. Let’s see what the staff thinks will happen.

Jumbo Heroes (1-0) Says:

UConn is bad. There’s no two ways about it. The Athletic ranked them as a bottom three team in all of college football before the season started. There is coach drama right now as Randy Edsall announced he was retiring at the end of the season following game two. Then just about a day later he announced he was leaving immediately. So there’s a new head coach (who has never been a head coach). Said new head coach then chose a new starting quarterback. That has been a recipe for disaster for Purdue in the past regardless of who the Purdue coach is. I don’t think there’s much to worry about with this UConn team though. They already lost to Holy Cross who, and I did fact check this so I know it’s true, hs as a football team.

Given the fact that UConn is terrible and Purdue has some decent offensive players I think this could get out of hand. I’m still skeptical that Purdue can cover the 33 or so point spread. I’ll stick with the prediction I made on the podcast.

Purdue 45

UConn 14

Kyle (0-1) Says:

UCONN forced the coach to leave early.

UCONN benched the starting quarterback who was bad for another bad quarterback.

Purdue has to start great right away.

Purdue 38


Travis (1-0) Says:

The rule about FCS teams should almost apply here, as UConn just lost to an FCS team and is basically at an FCS level. If something wasn’t working last week for Purdue this is the week to fix it before a real test at Notre Dame next week. If Purdue struggles, there are going to be major concerns for the rest of the season. If, God forbid, Purdue loses, it is time to panic. I think Purdue rolls easily.

Purdue 56

UConn 7

Jace (1-0) Says:

Last week wasn’t pretty, but Brohm and company got it done. This week should be a breeze with UConn already losing to Fresno State by 45 followed by a brutal loss to Holy Cross last week. Add that to a coaching change just 2 weeks into the season and Purdue is set up to have a fun weekend in Connecticut. This game needs to be Purdue fixing the mistakes of Week 1 against D3 level competition. Boilers roll to a win big time on Saturday.

Purdue 45

UConn 10

Casey (1-0) Says:

Husky men for huskies. Awoooooooooooooooh. Book em every year. Let’s go. New rivals. Let’s make a trophy. Let’s call it love. Invite them to the new big ten. They’re the IU of basketball to Purdue but in football. Smash that -33. Make money.

Purdue 53

UConn 3

Holmes (1-0) Says:

Continuing this week with the theme of Marvel villains: The Wendigo is the result of a curse that transforms any person who eats the flesh of a human in the Canadian wilderness into a ferocious beast (editor’s note: technically it simply has to be inside the border of Canada, it doesn’t have to be in the wilderness.). Similarly, being a UConn football fan is the result of a curse which transforms happy UConn basketball fans into miserable and sardonic beasts every fall until basketball starts. Those affected by the UConn curse should follow @NoEscalators on Twitter and remember that the world will end soon enough.

With regards to the actual game, UConn is absolutely terrible and a loss to them would certainly mean that everyone around the Purdue football program is automatically on the hot seat. This includes every coach in the Athletic Department by association. However, I have confidence after last week that we have more than enough talent, depth, and coaching acumen to make this the blowout it should be. Purdue wins.

Purdue 45

UConn 10

Drew (1-0) Says:

Purdue gonna win.

Purdue 54

UConn 14