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Boilers in the Pros: Lorenzo Neal Jr to the Denver Broncos

It may be a depth move, but Lo Neal has a chance to prove himself now.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Purdue at Nebraska Photo by Josh Wolfe/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It has been a bumpy ride for Lorenzo Neal Jr. since his knee injury a couple years ago.

Once upon a time, he was thought of as a mid round pick, but after a lingering ACL injury he went undrafted.

This morning, he signed a deal with the Denver Broncos, at least for training camp. A lot of time, these do mature into long terms deals, but sometimes they do mature into practice squad deals.

Denver is hurting on the defensive line currently after a couple of players were forced out of camp with injuries. But, this is better than not being a part of a team at all.

Now, Lorenzo Neal Jr. gets a chance to prove himself with a team that is familiar with his father, as he played with the San Diego Chargers, now the Los Angeles Chargers.

While this may not turn into a season long deal, he can prove himself for other squads, as many times word of mouth travels for young practice squad players.

Best of luck, Lorenzo!