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Big Ten Media Days Are Back - In Podcast Form!

Travis and his fellow podcaster Paul discuss media days.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Conference Media Days Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

There are so many traditions we go through as we prepare for the football season each year. One of those oddities is the Big Ten Media Days. Every coach thinks they’ve really got the best team out there and they’ve really built something over the last year. Travis and Paul talk about this all on a special edition of the Hammer and Rails podcast.

  • Is a lack of questions at media day a sign that a coach is on the way out?
  • Remember when the media basically badgered Joe Paterno about his health?
  • What would Travis and Paul like to see at media day?
  • Which of the current Big Ten coaches do the guys actually enjoy covering?
  • Neil Diamond!
  • Ke$ha!
  • Slight discussion of the fair use doctrine!

This and more in the latest episode for your Friday work day. Give it a listen, rate, review, and as always hammer that subscribe button.