Gillis just gets Probation

Saw this on Facebook so take it with a grain of salt. May be true may not be. Gillis will remain on the roster and I am assuming be able to play through the probation. While I think this is light as a punishment it is amazing for Gillis as it allows himself time and a chance to battle the freshman for playing time. Also good for the team in the short term. What impact it has on long term ability to correct poor behavior is anyone’s guess but in my opinion it may hurt. Either way it’s not my call, I understand those that will be appalled by the decision, and I am excited for Mason and the Boilermakers.

now straight up to Mason. Get the damn Uber App and don’t screw up again. Second time around the punishment will have to be the end of your time at Purdue - let’s not go there. Boiler Up!

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