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VIDEO: Interview With Former Michigan & Ohio State Guard, Andrew Dakich!

The former Michigan walk-on was on fire!

Changing things up in an interview with a former Big Ten walk-on turned scholarship player, Big Ten Champion, and former Michigan/Ohio State point guard, Andrew Dakich! Andrew’s story is a great one going from a walk-on at Michigan to begin his career, to a key part of Ohio State’s 2017-18 squad that finished second in the Big Ten. Once again a huge thank you to Andrew for taking the time to chat about his experiences in the Big Ten landscape and to our fearless leader T-Mill for allowing me to share this with you guys!

You can watch the full interview using the link below and scroll down for a brief outline of the conversation:

During the interview, Andrew and I discussed:

  • His trip to celebrate friend Duncan Robinson signing a massive deal with the Miami Heat
  • How he ended up at Michigan and his experiences during his 4 years with the Wolverines
  • Playing under both John Beilein and Chris Holtmann during his time in the Big Ten.
  • His relationship with his father Dan Dakich, and some hilarious stories growing up.
  • Getting ripped by his dad on national television during a game against Gonzaga.
  • Earning a scholarship after 3 years as a walk-on.
  • The insane amount of talent he played against the in the Big Ten.
  • Transferring to Michigan’s rival Ohio State, and finally getting an opportunity to contribute during his fifth year.
  • The culture of Indiana high school basketball
  • The best atmospheres he ever experienced in college basketball and why both Indiana and Purdue top that list.
  • And much more!