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Purdue Football: Jack Plummer Named Starting Quarterback

To me, this was a no brainer.

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In yesterday’s press conference, Coach Brohm named Junior Quarterback, Jack Plummer as his starting quarterback.

This is the 2nd earliest he has named the starting Quarterback, the only other time he named one earlier was in 2019, naming Elijah Sindelar the starting quarterback before an injury derailed his season.

Casey and I talked about the quarterback position mid summer in our podcast.

We both agreed, that Jack gives us the best chance of winning.

He has a bigger and more accurate arm than AOC.

While not as athletic as Austin Burton, he still has enough athleticism where he is not a statue in the pocket.

In 10 career games he has posted a solid stat line:

63.6% Completion percentage

2,541 Passing Yards

19 touchdowns:10 Interceptions

133 QBR

These are solid numbers.

In his 4th year at Purdue, it his time for him to secure and lock this job up. Being the first quarterback recruit for Coach Jeff Brohm, it is also time for us to see some improvement at the quarterback position with these guys.

There should be some development and I do think we can see a jump in positive plays for Jack this season, as long as he stays healthy. In years past, he has struggled with injuries.

At 6-5, 235 pounds now, he should be a bit more durable. He was going to have a very solid offensive line in front of him, but many medically retired.

He still has a solid front 5 and couple of back ups, but before the injuries, I saw a solid 9 man offensive line, we are closer to 6 now, IMO.

I am excited to actually know who the quarterback will be before the opening kick off.

But, it would not surprise me either if there is a package in there for Austin Burton to use his athleticism in some type of wildcat plays.

Kick off is right around the corner!