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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Myles Colvin Turns Down Overtime Elite


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After a a couple of weeks of waiting, Myles Colvin, Purdue’s prized 2023 commit, turned down the 500K offer from Overtime Elite.

With too many unknowns, and no immediate need for the funds, the Colvin’s have decided that Purdue is the better option for Myles.

I am intrigued how the league will turn out for OE. Will there be Television exposure? Will there be multiple teams? Who will they play? Will the NIL allow them to still have college eligibility at all?

There are a lot of unknowns, which is why I think that may have steered Myles the other way. Coach Painter and Purdue Basketball is far from being unknown. In fact, this off-season, Purdue has been the talk of a lot of national media analysts.

This is probably the most exposure we have gotten since the Baby Boilers or the returning core of Mathias, Haas, Edwards and PJ Thompson a few years ago.