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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Versyp, OTE, Waddell, and Furst

We get into it this week. There are some emotions.

Syndication: Journal-Courier
“Coach, what is you doing?”
Nikos Frazier / Journal & Courier via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Hammer and Rails podcast returns to your ears today. This week is a little bit longer than most as we finish up our review of the 2021-2022 Men’s Basketball Roster. We also discuss the topics of the day for Purdue including Overtime Elite and its pursuit of Purdue commitment Myles Colvin, the investigation into Sharon Versyp, and of course we discuss the season of Ted Lasso at the top.

  • What do we think of the pacing and story of season two of Ted Lasso? (2:00)
  • What is Overtime Elite and how worried should Purdue fans be about what they are trying to do with Myles Colvin? (9:00)
  • How do you solve a problem like Sharon? (21:00) I’ll just warn you that I get fairly heated during this segment and there is some salty language.
  • The Brian Waddell chat starts at 30:00 into the podcast. Are we still sure he’s going to redshirt?
  • Does Casey think that BYU is sponsored by a Bar? Like, a bar that serves alcohol?
  • Caleb Furst continues to excite Casey. (37:00)
  • Will Furst be thrust into a starting role in his first year?
  • Finally, a recommendation.

Next week we move fully into football mode. Casey has been dreading this day since we began the podcast but all things must be faced. Be prepared for some hot takes! Make sure to rate, review, and hammer that subscribe button. Thanks for listening.