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REPORT: Sharon Versyp Being Investigated For Creating “toxic and hostile” Environment

This is bad news for the longtime Purdue coach.

Purdue v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Some breaking news has emerged out of the Purdue Women’s Basketball program Wednesday morning as it is alleged that Head Coach Sharon Versyp created a “toxic and hostile” environment. The university will be launching an investigation into whether Versyp broke the school’s anti-harassment policy, per Mike Carmin. The longtime leader of the Boilermakers is also accused of actively allowing Terry Kix to contribute to this environment as well.

This is all around a bad look for the program, athletic department, and school. One has to assume there is some truth to these accusations, but it is important to let the investigation play out before any conclusions are made.

As of right now, Versyp is preparing for her final season as Purdue’s head coach after a long tenure of 16 seasons. It is yet to be seen if she will still have that opportunity with the severity of the allegations. If Versyp was to be terminated or resigns herself, the coach in waiting Katie Gearlds would receive the promotion a year earlier than expected.

Purdue fans will be in wait-and-see mode as it pertains to the investigation and possible actions taken by both the school and the athletic department. More information should start to come out as time goes on.

This was first published by Mike Carmin of Lafayette Journal & Courier. The link to the full story can be found below.