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Boilermusings - August 12, 2021

Volleyball, Jaden Ivey, Alternate Uniforms

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Welcome back to Boilermusings where I cram a bunch of stories together into one to make it a full length article. Think of it like Rachel’s trifle on Friends, a layer of lady fingers, jam, custard, raspberries, more ladyfingers, beef sauteed with peas and onions, more custard, sliced bananas, and whipped cream. Let’s get into it.


Not only can head volleyball coach Dave Shondell tout his tutelage of an Olympic Gold medalist thanks to Annie Drews and team USA coming out victorious at the 2020ne Olympics in Tokyo but he can also point to the great roster page that was released this week. I don’t think that I’ve ever linked to a roster page because I thought it looked cool. This has to be a first not just for me but for anyone at Purdue.

Purdue has come a long way after the last two decades regarding design elements and making things be cooler than Purdue has a (undeserved) reputation for. This is just one more element of not only meeting the moment but going beyond it. I wonder if other sports at Purdue will take this tactic and go further with it. Either way, I hope one day to look as cool as Coach Shondell does on that airplane.

Jaden Ivey

We all love Jaden Ivey. He seems like a really good person and is representing Purdue well. Plus, he just so happens to be pretty darn good at basketball. How good you ask? Well we all know he made the Fiba U19 World Cup All-Star team this summer, but what you may have missed was his name being thrown around draft board after draft board as a first round pick. A tweet from Fox College Hoops came across our feed the other day and while it was exciting it was also upsetting. Take a look for yourself.

That’s right. Ivey was listed among six players as a possibility for the number one overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Now, if you listen to the Hammer and Rails podcast, and if you aren’t you’re missing out, you know that Casey firmly believes that Ivey is gone after this season. I’m less sure of it but maybe that’s just my own desire for him to stay blocking out my rational mind. Regardless, it’s great to see Ivey and Purdue get this kind of recognition. As many people pointed out on Twitter it seems likely that if Ivey plays well enough to go guaranteed first round and even top 5 pick it likely means that plenty of good things have happened for Purdue next season.

Alternate Uniforms

Alternate uniforms are all the rage in sports right now. Not just college sports either. You see every season in the NBA teams play with uniforms that are different than the classic ones we all know and love. In fact, right now there is a Field of Dreams baseball game going on with both the Yankees and White Sox wearing throwback uniforms.

For me personally I love the White Sox alternate but I don’t care for the Yankees one here. Why bring this up on a Purdue site? Well fellow Big Ten team Nebraska had a hilarious fake alternate uniform “leak” over this past week and it got me thinking about what Purdue could do. But first let’s take a look at the Nebraska uniform “leak”.

I gotta say, I know it’s corny (get it?) but I actually sort of like these. If it came with some simple tweaks I actually think these would be camp gold. So, what could Purdue do? What about a uniform that looked like the long defunct Rowdy? Side note, bring back Rowdy! He was a joy to watch and always brought a smile to my face, I was also there at his first game in 1997 against Notre Dame.

What other options, real or otherwise, would you like to see Purdue try? Let’s hear them in the comments and who knows maybe your dream could become reality.