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Boilermusings - July 8, 2021

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star
Big Maple getting it done in Latvia.
Grace Hollars/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Welcome back to Boilermusings where I throw together a bunch of topics that I can’t make into a full column for your reading pleasure.

U19 World Cup

I know we’ve written about this all over the site but can we just respect how amazing it is that Purdue has three players that are representing their country in the U19 World Cup? Zach Edey is out there getting double doubles against the top 19 year olds in the world with Jaden Ivey and Caleb Furst making us proud each time they step on the court. Ivey is continuing to make the case that his career at Purdue may be a short one.

This just makes me even more excited for the upcoming 2021-2022 men’s basketball season. To see this team assemble all of these pieces from last year and add in players like Furst and Kaufman-Renn and you’ve really got something cooking. I can’t wait to see the growth of players like Ivey and Edey as they lace it up for Purdue in the months ahead. I’m excited for basketball every year but this year feels like it’s going to be something special.

Following Your Father

My dad was a school teacher. He taught at the same high school for 30.5 years. He loved his job. I remember sitting around the dinner table with my parents and three older brothers and somehow the “what do you want to be when you grow up” conversation happened. I remember my dad saying that maybe some of us wanted to be teachers like him. We all scoffed and said no way. I’m sure that hurt him a little bit, though it was probably mitigated by the fact that we were young idiotic kids who didn’t know what we were talking about. Now though two of his sons did follow in his footsteps and are teachers. I’m sure it’s a great feeling. He loved his job and now two sons are doing what he loved.

I say all this as a long winded way to note that Rosevelt Colvin has now had two children commit to play a sport at Purdue. Colvin of course the great Purdue defensive player from the late 1990s. Colvin of course would go on to win two Super Bowls and has always been vocal about his love for his time at Purdue. Well, now he’s gotta hope his kids feel the same way. His daughter Raven is now on the Purdue volleyball team and his son Myles just committed to Matt Painter this week. I’m sure Colvin would’ve been proud of them wherever they went but to see them go to the University that you love and have given so much to must feel pretty great. Job well done Mr. Colvin.

Eating Grass?

Following the Tampa Bay Lightning winning their second Stanley Cup in as many years it was announced that Coors will be taking some of the ice from the rink and turning it into a special edition beer. I asked on Twitter if this was your team if you would drink the beer and I got a rather surprising response.

I have many questions here. First, was this one of you dear readers? Second, did they blend up the gross into the shots like some sort of weird smoothie or did they just put grass into a shot of vodka and shoot it down the hatch? Third, what possessed someone to do this? I suppose the answer there is easy, alcohol. Fourth, did the grass come back up?

I’m honestly perplexed at this decision but I’m also sort of in awe of the dedication. I suppose it didn’t hurt anyone and it’s a memory this person will have forever so I guess good for them but still, very strange.