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Boilermusings July 23, 2021

TBT, Olympics, Olympians

Opening Ceremony - Olympics: Day 0 Photo by Toru Hanai/Getty Images

Welcome to Boilermusings where I throw together a few stories to make one bigger story. Sort of like when all the Power Rangers joined forces. I don’t know I never watched that show but that seems right to me.

Men of Mackey

The wait is over for the Men of Mackey. Tonight is the night. At 7:00 Eastern on ESPN they play their first game of The Basketball Tournament. We did receive some unfortunate news yesterday regarding the roster as it was announced that both Jon Octeus and Jacquil Taylor will not be with the team for at least game one. To me Octeus is the bigger loss but your mileage may vary on that one.

Tonight Purdue fans will get to see Hummel, LewJack, Hammons, Haas and many more. It’s going to be an incredible experience. Let’s just enjoy the ride.

Purdue Olympians

I’m watching the Opening Ceremonies as I type this. I love the Olympics. I love them so much that I took a History of the Olympics class while in graduate school that was at 7:45 AM on Fridays. Yes, that means that I had to get up early after Cactus nights. It wasn’t the best way to wake up but it was an amazing class.

Purdue is well represented in this year’s Olympics. Purdue athletes are competing for more than just America. Purdue has athletes representing the USA of course but there’s also Serbia, the Bahamas, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Check out the full list here. I hope everyone who is representing the USA gets a gold and everyone else who is representing a different coach gets a silver by losing to the United States. USA!

David Boudia Gets New Role

Though he failed to qualify for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo David Boudia still shines as a great example for both the United States and for Purdue University. The young man has brought home Olympic gold and has represented himself and everyone else with dignity, respect, and poise. Now, he’s returning home to Purdue.

While Boudia had previously been a part-time assistant for the Diving program the team announced this week that Boudia would be taking on an expanded role and would become a full-time assistant coach. This is great news for the continued dominance of the Purdue diving program, and a great way for Boudia to stay connected to Purdue.