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Boilermusings July 15, 2021

TBT, Matt Haarms, New strength coach

UCLA v BYU Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome to Boilermusings the column where I throw multiple stories together into one because blogging demands content and sometimes you just can’t stretch something into a whole post. Let’s go!

TBT Bracket Challenge

I just finished filling out my TBT bracket for the Hammer and Rails bracket challenge. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Drew has set-up an individual challenge group for H&R fans and has provided the info in a handy post for you. There are Purdue specific prizes and it’ll be a nice way for all of us to talk trash during TBT. Do I know anything about most of these teams? Most certainly not. Will I win? I have absolutely no idea, but what I do know is that you can’t win if you don’t play and as of about 10 minutes ago, I’m playing! Let’s go!

There’s still time to get in there and add yourself to the group. There’s no cost to you but there is a chance you could win!

Matt Haarms Headed Overseas

I first saw this reported by the Purdue Exponent so I wanted to give them credit for at least my knowledge of this development. Former Purdue big man Matt Haarms has signed a contract to play professionally over in Europe.

He signed with the Fraport Skyliners who are located in Frankfurt, Germany. This team plays in the Basketball Bundesliga which is the highest level of basketball in Germany. Good for Haarms. It was clear that he left Purdue in order to ensure he was given a chance to be on the court, showcase his talent, and eventually sign a professional contract. I wish he would’ve been able to do that at Purdue but anytime you can see a player reach a dream like this you’ve gotta be happy for them. Kudos to Mr. Haarms and good luck over there!

Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach

Matt Painter and Purdue Basketball have added a new strength and conditioning coach to the staff.

Welsh comes to Purdue from Temple University. Prior to his time at Temple Welsh spent time at IMG Academy in Florida as well as at Illinois. He earned his degree from Eastern Illinois in 2015.

It’s hard to say how much a strength and conditioning coach leads to success but you always want the best guys in all of your positions from janitor to head coach. I’m not nearly plugged in enough to know if this guy is the right guy for the job but I have little doubt that Painter trusts him and that Painter (or someone doing the hiring) saw enough of him to know that he will be a good fit. Welcome to the staff Mr. Welsh you’ve joined at an exciting time. Now, make sure Trevion can play 40 minutes without fouling out or getting tired.