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Hammer and Rails TBT Bracket Challenge

The TBT starts in 2 days. We’ve got a winner take all bracket challenge of our own (WITH PRIZES)!


The TBT starts this week, and I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to hook y’all up. This year, Hammer and Rails is partnering with the TBT to provide site specific prizes for their bracket challenge. The entry fee is 5 minutes of your time to fill out your bracket. Now, I understand that 5 minutes for some of you engineer nerds with “jobs” could be worth something. The liberal arts majors on this board (me, for example) have plenty of time between the rush at our coffee house to do some intense research (sorry folks, I still can’t pour a fancy design in your coffee, so stop asking!).

You Can Find The Rules/Regulations for the Hammer and Rails Site Specific Bracket Here

Note: You have to be a member of the Hammer and Rails Community and over 18 to be eligible to win the Hammer and Rails specific prizes.

Now That the Rules of Combat Have Been Enumerated...Let’s Get After It.

National Level Prizes

These don’t have anything to do with Hammer and Rails. You’ve got to beat out the rest of known universe to win these suckers. I’m not hip with crypto currency, but I’ve been told these prizes could be quite substantial.

Hammer and Rails Specific Prizes

Now, before you ask, I’m still seeking clarification on the color options, but these sweet currently unreleased Puma basketball shoes go to the winner of the Hammer and Rails bracket.

If you’re like me, you’re currently balling out in a busted pair of kicks that should have been retired a decade ago.

Let’s face it, your shoe game is musty.

It happens to the best of us. I played 3rd grade basketball in a sick pair of black and red Jordan VI’s (and looked damn good in them while holding my Noblesville Youth League Tournament Winner trophy). Now I play in a pair of neon orange shoes I got for a steal in a Gatlinburg outlet mall circa 2010. I probably own the only pair left in circulation.

I can’t promise that you’ll run faster, jump higher, or have more success with the ladies if you win these shoes, but I’m also not saying you won’t. At a minimum, you’ll impress the other dudes huffing and puffing down the court in your bi-weekly pick up game at the church gym.

But Wait...There’s More

If you outsmart the rest of us, you’ll also receiver this Men of Mackey shirt from the Men of Mackey team store. This shirt, paired with the above mentioned shoes should make you a pick up basketball All-Star no matter how atrophied your vertical jump has become. All you have to do is win, because much like the TBT, this is a winner take all bracket challenge. If you come in second, you get to watch the winner celebrate with the rest of us.

Don’t Know Anything About the TBT?

I’ll be putting out some more information over the next few days on the Men of Mackey, but in the meantime, feel free to pick your bracket based on your favorite team (Men of Mackey of course, I will never pick against a team featuring Robbie), favorite color, or be super boring and go chalk every round and flip a coin to decide who wins in the Final 4. If you’re looking to do more in-depth research, the TBT site has all the pertinent information.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Right Here

Here’s The Pin


In Summary

The TBT is doing us a solid by providing site specific prizes. I hope to make this an annual summer event, and if it works out, may look for other partnership opportunities. Let’s repay the TBTs generosity by giving them the attention they deserve. This is a cool tournament, and I, for one, can’t wait for the Tennessee rematch on July 23rd at 7 PM EDT.

I’ll be filling the page with TBT stuff over the next month. You may as well get on board. Entries are due before the first game on July 16th, so don’t delay. You’ve got a little over 2 days to get this done.