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Men of Mackey Add Two Time NAIA Player of the Year

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Head coach Ryne Smith keeps grabbing big names.
John Terhune/Journal & Courier,

Not every person on the Men of Mackey is going to be a Purdue player. That’s just the nature of the business. If this team is going to add players that aren’t Purdue players or Purdue adjacent they’ve gotta be really good at something. They’ve gotta be someone who does something that no one else on the team does. Today, Men of Mackey did that.

For those of you that don’t know the name Kyle Mangas you aren’t alone. He played at Indiana Wesleyan and just graduated. He went to high school at Warsaw. His accomplishments in college speak for themselves there.

Looking at his statistics and you can see that he adds an element that the current team is lacking. Right now the team has plenty of defense, plenty of length, but not a lot of shooting. Mangas helps to ease that flaw a bit. Over his four years at IWU he attempted 781 three point shots and made them at a 39.3% clip. On top of that he also averaged six rebounds and four assists over his career.

Everything I’ve seen and read about this guy makes me optimistic about being able to keep up on this team. Anytime someone plays at the NAIA level you wonder how they will react to playing at a higher level. I’ve been assured by many people that while Mangas might not be the fastest player on the floor he will be able to spread the floor and hit the shots necessary to give the slashers and others the ability to get to the hoop. The questions I have are ability his ability to keep up on defense. If he can do that he will be an excellent addition.