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Hammer and Rails Podcast - A Day Late But Still Great!

Casey and I discuss Kelsey Barlow, Purdue Basketball and Team USA, and which is more important the coach or the program?

NCAA Basketball: Duke’s Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski Press Conference
So long Coach K
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back! Just a day late this week. Casey is fighting a bit of an illness but he powered through and we got it out because we are nothing if not dedicated to pleasing the fans.

In this episode we talk about the addition of Kelsey Barlow to the Men of Mackey and why the growth he’s shown sort of warms our hearts.

We talk about the fact that the Purdue men’s basketball team had 3 players invited to the U19 tryouts. That’s obviously great news for the program. Which of the three do we think are actually going to make the team?

And finally Casey and I have a long discussion prompted by the retirement of both Coach K and Roy Williams. With these big name coaches leaving is it going to change those schools. And what’s more important, the school or the coach? Can the hiring of a new coach at North Carolina and Duke keep those schools going full steam ahead or are they in for an inevitable slide?