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Men of Mackey Add Former Purdue Forward

Who could it be?

NCAA Basketball: Hofstra at Richmond
Here’s a hint, this player transferred to Hofstra
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Men of Mackey continue to add familiar names to their roster. Today they announced the newest addition. Rather than spoil it I’ll allow Twitter to do the work for me.

That’s right, Jacquil Taylor will be joining the Men of Mackey! You may remember Taylor as an incredibly athletic 6’10 forward who played for Purdue for three seasons from 2014-2018. Following his three years at Purdue which saw him play in 38 games and average just under 6 minutes a game Taylor left Purdue to find a place where he could see the court more. He announced his transfer via Instagram in what I, to this day, think is one of the best announcements of this type I’ve seen.

It’s never easy for a player to leave a program even if there is no bad blood between the two. It’s similar to ending a long term relationship. Even if both parties know it’s for the best it still hurts because you care about one another. This was clearly the case here. And for Taylor it definitely paid off. He transferred to Hofstra and saw an increase in every statistical category. In the 2018-2019 season he appeared in all 35 games and averaged a robust 26 minutes. His scoring average more than doubled and his rebounding jumped from 1.5 per game at Purdue to 8.8 at Hofstra. Quite a change.

Since finishing up at Hofstra Taylor has competed for the Syracuse Stallions. For those that aren’t aware the Stallions compete in The Basketball League (TBL). This league was formed in 2018 and has only expanded since. Taylor is listed at 7’0 on the Stallions website, and a center, so either he’s grown (entirely possible since he’s so young) or else there’s some fancy height measuring going on there. Either way, Taylor has been a defensive force for the team. Add him to A.J. Hammons and Kelsey Barlow and you’ve got quite the intimidating defense. The Men of Mackey just keep looking tougher. Welcome back Jacquil!