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Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #27: FC United of Manchester

When you can give Manchester United a metaphorical middle finger.

FC United of Manchester v Doncaster Rovers - FA Cup First Round Photo by Joe Prior/Visionhaus

The Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast and Hammer & Rails podcasts are now on separate feeds. There was some talk of not having non-Purdue-centric podcasts not he main feed, so we decided to separate them out, especially since Casey and Ledman have been doing a great job expanding the new podcast. I am still working through he new feed, but it will hopefully be more streamlined in the future.

In related news, we do have a new edition of the Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast. In this one Paul and I discuss FC United of Manchester, a new(ish) soccer club in England that was formed as a middle finger to the Glazer takeover of Manchester United in the mid-2000s. It is a fun little discussion on what happens when fans get upset about being marginalized by their team and what happens when billionaires are so rich they do things for the sake of doing them. Enjoy!