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Boilermusings - June 24, 2021

Trevion! Non-Con! Pre-season AA!

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Welcome back to Boilermusings the article where I cram a few ideas into one article so as to pad out the word limit and make my quota of articles. But hey, it’s a living. Right?

Trevion Williams

The big news today came in a tweet, as all news seems to these days, when Trevion Williams announced that he would be returning for his final season.

This is of course great news for Purdue fans everywhere. It will make it even better that just like Ross-Ade and Halloway it seems highly likely that Mackey Arena will be able to go at 100% capacity. It just seemed terribly unfair that someone who has given so much to Purdue like Trevion Williams has that his career would end without a final farewell in a packed Mackey Arena.

Trevion coming back makes next year’s team a true contender not just in the Big Ten but nationally as well. Unlike some of the other writers on this site, COUGH Casey COUGH, I wasn’t sold on last year’s team. He eventually convinced me that a Sweet 16 was not only likely but the floor and I picked them going that far after he convinced me. Turns out my pessimism was right on the money and his optimism was misplaced. Now though I’m fully onboard for next season and with Trevion returning, as we knew he would, it just gives Purdue an extra dimension on both ends of the court that they would have sorely missed.

Non-Conference Schedule

It was a big news day on the Purdue Basketball front as the non-conference schedule was announced. There is still one piece missing as the team will face off against an as yet to be named ACC opponent in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

The non-conference offers a few challenges and a few big names but some of those big names are currently in the lower spots than they have been. Purdue faces a North Carolina team without Roy Williams. What will that mean for them? It’s too early to say. Purdue faces Villanova or Tennessee, depending on the results of the tournament, and either one will be a challenge but I don’t think either team looks to be unbeatable next season.

Then there’s always the Crossroads Classic which Purdue has struggled at in the past. Next season they will face Butler and regardless of Butler being down or not I never like playing them.

Purdue will have ample opportunity to set themselves up for a great early season ranking and build their resume in conference to result in a great seed come tournament time.

Football Pre-season All-Americans

It was just announced, again via Twitter, that Purdue has two pre-season All-Americans on the team. One on each side of the ball.

Big George was named to the 2nd team on defense. Meanwhile on the other side of the ball David Bell was named to the 3rd team. These are great honors for sure but I think neither of these men are satisfied with what they’ve been awarded thus far. In fact based on the attitude of these two you might almost think they view these as slights. I expect these two to be the stars of the team, bold I know, and this will only give them fuel to continue to get better.