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Men of Mackey Get Tough Draw

The TBT draw was announced today and I don’t love the draw for the Men of Mackey.

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Coach Smith might need to put himself in against a tough Tennessee affiliated team.
John Terhune/Journal & Courier,

Today at 1:00 PM The Basketball Tournament held their selection show and the Men of Mackey did make it into the tournament. They were given an 8 seed in the Columbus and will face the Ballinteers in round 1. Great name that one.

The entire bracket can be seen in the tweet below. It is very small so I hope whatever you’re reading this on you can zoom in on.

Now, not being much of an expert on any team in TBT I wasn’t sure what this meant for the Men of Mackey. Turns out it doesn’t mean anything good. Check out the roster for the Ballinteers. You might see some names that you recognize.

This is going to be an incredibly tough matchup for the Men of Mackey right out of the gate. A podcast that talks TBT did a power rankings of the teams and they ranked the Ballinteers as 5th overall. That is not what you want to see in a first round opponent.

The Men of Mackey will have one hell of a game in front of them. Should they come out victorious they will have to face the winner of the 1/16 matchup which would likely be Carmen’s Crew which is the Ohio State team. Yikes.

For those interested in watching or even attending ticket information can be found here. The game is set to for July 23rd at 7:00 PM on ESPN.