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Men of Mackey Add Surprise Player

Which enigmatic Purdue player was added today?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round
Head coach Ryne Smith nabbed an interesting player today.
Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

You could’ve given me 15 guesses and I wouldn’t have guessed right. As the Men of Mackey dribble out a name a day for their completed roster today was an unexpected name. Don’t believe me? Here are the responses in the group chat:

Nobody called that one

oh wow


Holy shit

I would’ve been less surprised if they had announced Glenn Robinson

That’s just a coloring of what we thought when we saw that the one, the only, Kelsey Barlow has been named to the team!

That’s right, THE Barlow, who was dismissed from the team by head coach Matt Painter on February 17th, 2012 is returning home. Since that time though Barlow has been seen around the program and has attended games with other former players. There seems to be no ill will between Kelsey Barlow and Purdue University.

Barlow had one of the more interesting careers in Purdue history. He was a lockdown defender who wasn’t asked to do much offensively. He started 40 games for the team and averaged 5.4 points. Though in his final season with the team he averaged 8.3.

He’s also famous for one of the most memeable moments in Purdue basketball history when he threw the choke sign up at the IU game.

However, despite not being asked to do much on offense Barlow was an athletic freak who could get to the hoop when needed as evidenced by this dunk against Ohio State.

Pairing Barlow with Jon Octeus will give the Men of Mackey a pair of uber athletic wings that I would stack up against anyone in the country. These two are going to cause havoc for opposing teams.

Since leaving Purdue Barlow played at UIC in the 2013-2014 season. He’s since played overseas and has seen quite a bit of success. As the Men of Mackey note he was the second leading scorer in all of Argentina last year. He also dropped 48 points in a game last season. I love how this announcer says Barlow.

The more I think about this addition the more it makes perfect sense. Barlow is incredibly athletic and to be able to add a great defender, and a much improved shooter based on the video above, to a team with numerous good defenders already is a no brainer. Barlow should be able to carry the load on both ends of the court. Plus, it’s nice to see him more heavily involved in a Purdue (adjacent) basketball setting.