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Men of Mackey Grab Robbie Hummel!

A Baby Boiler on the roster!

Syndication: Indianapolis John Terhune/Journal & Courier, via Imagn Content Services, LLC

In what has to be the most shocking roster announcement for the team early this morning the Men of Mackey announced that none other than Robbie Hummel himself will be joining the team.

Hummel will be donning the Old Gold and Black once again to play in The Basketball Tournament and my little fan heart is aflutter. Hummel, along with E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson, led the resurgence of Purdue basketball following the hiring of Matt Painter. This also coincided with my time at Purdue so all of those guys, along with players like Keaton Grant, Chris Kramer, Lewis Jackson etc., will always hold a special place in my heart.

When the Men of Mackey announced yesterday that they were making their final roster announcement today the Hammer and Rails group chat speculated about who it would be. To our very own Andrew Holmes’ credit he suggested that it might be Hummel but we all thought that was a crazy guess.

There’s really no need to go over the accolades that Hummel earned on the court during his time at Purdue, or overseas, or in the NBA. The guy is a Purdue legend and if you don’t know who he is or why we all love him so much do yourself a favor and follow this link. That’s a nice fan made video of some highlights from Purdue. Full disclosure it does include the injury so just be prepared for that.

I can’t be objective when it comes to some players. I’m damn excited about watching him play again. To see him representing the Men of Mackey just rocketed The Basketball Tournament up my must watch list. Let’s go!