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Men of Mackey Add Former Purdue Fort Wayne Star

The leading scorer in Italy joins the team.

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I know Smith is only in the background here but I love this picture.
John Terhune/Journal & Courier,

The Men of Mackey continue to add talented players to their roster. Today they announced a Purdue (adjacent) player.

You can see in the tweet above the Men of Mackey note that Gaines has led Italy in scoring twice in the last three years. Obviously the guy can fill it up.

Gaines played his high school ball in Florida and then played his college ball at Purdue Fort Wayne. He started to play heavy minutes in his sophomore season and by his senior season he was averaging an astonishing 34 minutes per game. He averaged 19.8 points per game in his final season. While he didn’t make his living beyond the three point line he certainly was no slouch. In his final season in college he shot 34% from three. Three point shooting is something that the Men of Mackey truly need. Since graduating from college Gaines has played in the D-League and also overseas.

You can find his overseas stats here and they show that the three point shooting has remained consistent at around 33%. When given the opportunity the man seems to be able to fill it up. The Men of Mackey have added a solid, hard-working, minutes eating player in Gaines. I would expect him to be able to make a difference on this team. Coach Ryne Smith will have lots of pieces to work with at The Basketball Tournament.