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Purdue Alumnus Headed to Olympics

Which Purdue graduate will be representing the US in Tokyo?

Olympics: Tokyo 2020 Venue Tours
The venue of the 1964 Swimming and Diving Olympics.
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The good news for Purdue Boilermakers at the Olympics just keeps coming. After the recent news that Nikola Acin will be representing Serbia in the 4x100 freestyle relay and Annie Drews will be playing for the USA Volleyball team we got more good Purdue Olympic news this weekend.

The Purdue alumnus finished in first place at the Olympic trials at the 10 meter event. Which, before we get into the impressiveness of this feat, is just terrifying to me. There’s absolutely no way you would find me jumping from 10 meters into any sort of body of water. Absolutely not. And, for those not down with the metric system, that is over 32 feet high. Into water! While flipping and turning and spinning! Not for me!

Loschiavo was head and shoulders above the rest of the field winning by 19.6 points. Loschiavo was the 2021 NCAA Champion and just graduated from Purdue last month. Needless to say he’s accomplished a lot in his new foray into the real world.

Loschiavo was interviewed after the event and said this of making the Olympics;

“It’s surreal, it’s a beautiful journey, I went through a lot of ups and downs and I had a lot of people back home and here who have pushed me. I’m just really appreciative of everyone that’s pushed me.”

I already was planning to watch the Olympics but with all of these Boilermakers in the mix it just adds an additional layer to my watching. Good luck to Loschiavo in this journey!