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Boilermusings - June 10, 2021

After a week off (so I could close on a house) Boilermusings is back!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Boilermusings! Last week there was no column as my wife and I were closing on our first home! So that’s exciting. But now I’m back to give you a mishmash of Purdue stories you might’ve missed that we can stretch into one account. You know what they say, content is king!

Boilermakers at the Olympics

Yes I’m upset that Robbie Hummel and the American 3X3 team will not be in the Olympics but there are still additional Boilermakers for you to cheer on.

It was announced this week that in addition to David Boudia there will be at least two more Purdue athletes in the Olympics this go round. Purdue’s current record holder in the 100-yard freestyle Nikola Acin qualified as a member of the Serbian national team and will be on their 4x100 relay. Now, it’s the Olympics so I can’t say I’m rooting for him to bring home the gold (USA! USA! USA!) but I will gladly root for him to get the silver. Although, studies suggest that bronze medal winners are much happier than those that win silver.

It’s not only the Purdue men that will be represented at the Olympics though. Annie Drews will represent the USA and Purdue as a member of the USA Women’s Volleyball team. She will be the first Purdue volleyball player to play in the Olympics. This will make for a nice little recruiting pitch for Coach Shondell. There are only 12 players on the roster and one of them is a former Boilermaker. And, according to Shondell himself on Twitter this will make Annie Drews the first woman from the state of Indiana to make the Olympics volleyball roster. So that’s really cool!

Volleyball Returns

Speaking of Volleyball, it was also announced this week that Caitlyn Newton will be using her Covid-19 exemption and be returning to the team next season. This means that every player from the roster that made it to an Elite 8 will be back on the squad.

Newton was a 2021 AVCA Third Team All-American and having her back makes the Volleyball team an automatic top 10 team for next year. As Casey and I talked about on the podcast a few weeks back Volleyball seems poised to be the next Purdue team to win a National title and things are certainly lining up for next season’s squad to be special. You heard it here first folks.

E’Twaun Moore in the NBA Playoffs

I’m not a huge NBA guy. Like most people my age I idolized Michael Jordan growing up and so I loved the Bulls. When Jordan retired my love of the NBA sort of faded away as my love for college basketball ratcheted up even higher. I don’t have a favorite team anymore but I always enjoy watching the Playoffs. This post-season has been no different. There’s no LeBron left, Steph has been bounced early, so why not E’Twaun Moore and the Suns as your possible champs?

It’s always nice to see a Boilermaker have a long career in the pros and Moore has had exactly that. In his 9th year in the league Moore finds himself on a very good Suns team. In their most recent win on Wednesday Moore played just six minutes but scored 7 points in that time. He also grabbed a board and dropped an assist. Not bad for six minutes of work. While Moore’s role has reduced in the playoffs he’s still the only Boilermaker remaining in the post-season. That means I’m rooting for the Suns all the way.