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Hammer & Rails Podcast - Olympics, Men of Mackey, Trevion Williams

Plus, which player who left under Painter would you want back?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-North Texas at Purdue Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back yet again. In your ears every Monday but always in your hearts! This week Casey and I discuss Robbie Hummel and the Olympics, the Men of Mackey, and Trevion Williams upcoming decision about whether to stay or go in the NBA draft.

  • What do you know about chez lounges?
  • Which Purdue player under Painter who didn’t finish his eligibility do you want back?
  • Is Lewis Jackson going to star on the Men of Mackey?
  • What was it about Jon Octeus that endeared him to Purdue fans so quickly (other than the dunk)?
  • Do we really have to pronounce it as 3 X 3?
  • What happened with Casey tried to guard Jon Octeus at the co-rec?

All that and more witty banter in this week’s episode of the Hammer and Rails podcast. We told you we were gonna be doing this every week and we weren’t lying. Doing this in the offseason is a challenge but we’ve got a pretty good plan going. Take a listen, join in the fun, and prepare to have your ears overloaded with excellence! Rate, review, and Hammer that subscribe button!