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VIDEO: Dakota Mathias Talks Upcoming 2021 Summer Camps In H&R Interview!

The Midwestern Cowboy!

An absolute Purdue legend, Big Ten Champion, and now NBA player, Dakota Mathias, was kind enough to join me for an interview to talk about his “2021 Dakota Mathias Basketball Camps”, his path in professional basketball, and reflecting on his time in West Lafayette!

The Midwestern Cowboy is hosting a camp in his hometown of Elida, Ohio on June 21st and June 22nd, then another at William Henry Harrison High School in West Lafayette on July 16th! You can learn more information and register by going to

Huge thank you to Dakota for taking the time to do this and being a great listen. Hope you guys enjoy, Boiler Up!

You can watch the full interview using the link below and scroll down for an outline of the conversation:

During the interview, Dakota and I discussed:

  • What the “2021 Dakota Mathias Basketball Camps” consist of, where they will be and how you can sign up.
  • The motivation he had to start these camps and what impact he hopes to make on the kids in attendance.
  • His off-season plans right now and working towards earning another opportunity next season.
  • Playing for Team USA in the 2021 AmeriCup Qualifying in February.
  • What it means to represent his country and play the game he loves.
  • His experiences playing in Spain, then coming back to play in the NBA Summer League, G-League and with the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • How much he has learned from the veterans on some of those teams.
  • What his expectations were coming into Purdue and how both he and the program met them.
  • Coming in as a freshman and changing Purdue’s culture with Vincent Edwards, P.J. Thompson & Isaac Haas.
  • When did he and his teammates realize that they could do something special.
  • How Coach Matt Painter was able to get the team to play together and guide them through obstacles.
  • The special year they had when he was a senior and the NCAA Tournament runs did his last two seasons at Purdue.
  • Why his favorite moment was beating Indiana at home to win the Big Ten Regular Season Title as a junior.