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Men of Mackey Announce Evan Boudreaux Returning for The Basketball Tournament

He joins Lewis Jackson on this year’s squad.

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As The Basketball Tournament gets closer and closer names for the Men of Mackey team continue to be announced. Today the official Twitter account dropped their second name for the team following the announcement of Lewis Jackson earlier this week.

Boudreaux you’ll recall graduated from Dartmouth in three years while sitting out his senior season and transferring to Purdue. He had two years of eligibility left and used them to great success. His grit, determination, and hustle quickly endeared him to the fanbase. He played in 55 games for Purdue and started 16.

Boudreaux is a returning player for the Men of Mackey. Last year he was a starter on a team that made it into the Round of 16 before losing to Syracuse’s own Boeheim’s Army. Adding Boudreaux gives the Men of Mackey a heady player who will almost always make the right decision. He’s incredibly unselfish and will put in great effort. He’s also a guy you can count on to make the hustle plays. It’s an overused term but Boudreaux can be the glue guy on this team. Not great at any one thing but good at every aspect of the game.

You’ll remember that Boudreaux was part of the Covid-19 shortened season so he never got the chance to truly complete his final college season. Perhaps that played a role in getting him to be a member of the team last year. The experience must have been a good one because he’s back for round two.

Since his departure from Purdue it looks like Boudreaux has tamed the wild locks he was known for. He currently sits on the Board of the Purdue Cancer Center.

More names will be announced for the team as the month continues. The Basketball Tournament will be held starting the weekend of July 16th. There will be multiple locations holding events and tickets are currently on sale. Find all the info below. It could be your first chance to see Boilermakers play basketball in person if you didn’t score tournament tickets.