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Purdue-UConn Kickoff Time Announced

Hooray kickoff times!

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year again! Kickoff times for some early season college football games re being announced. The Big Ten is expected to drop a few tomorrow, with the Purdue-Oregon State opener a possible early pick for a BTN night game on the opening weekend. The second game of Purdue’s schedule is now set with a time and TV network:

UConn is now independent in football, but does not have the big money deal with NBC that the more famous independent Notre Dame has. They do have their own deal with CBS Sports Network.

Unfortunately, that has been the network of horrors for Purdue football. The 2019 Season opener at Nevada was on the network, and Purdue famously collapsed before losing on a last second field goal. In 2011 at Rice Purdue lost on another field goal situation, this time when our game-winning attempt was blocked.

This is the second kickoff we know, as Purdue will play at Notre Dame on September 18 at 2:30pm on NBC.