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VIDEO: Interview With Former Boilermaker & Georgia Southern Guard, Grant Weatherford!

Weatherford discussed in-depth his transfer from Purdue

A member of the four-man 2015 Purdue basketball recruiting class that is preparing for his seventh season of college basketball, Grant Weatherford, joined me for an interview to talk about his path in basketball, lessons learned from Purdue, being a 25-year-old senior next year, and much more!

Weatherford was open and honest about his career path and why Purdue was not the right fit at the end of the day. He is still in contact with Purdue legends such as Rapheal Davis and Vincent Edwards and has taken a lot of lessons he learned as a younger player that he now passes down to the players coming in after him.

You can watch the full interview using the link below. Hope you guys enjoy, Boiler Up!

During the interview, Grant and I discussed:

  • What went into his decision to return for another year of college basketball.
  • His path across seven years and four different schools.
  • Why he was “immature” as a younger player and how he now uses those lessons he learned to teach incoming guys about how to go about things both on and off the court.
  • What his year at Purdue was like and the relationships he made during that time.
  • His talk with Matt Painter about transferring and how Painter was a “straight-shooter” with him.
  • The recruiting processes he went through after each transition to a new school.
  • Coming up in the Indiana AAU circuit with guys like Caleb Swanigan, Ryan Cline, Kyle Guy, and Dylan Windler.
  • His dream of playing for Purdue since he was a little kid in the middle of an “Indiana Basketball State.”
  • What he was able to take away from each school he has gone to and how that has made him grow as a person.
  • Why he chose to play basketball over football at the college level and how close he was to joining his brother at Miami (Ohio) as a member of the football team.