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Boilermusings May 20, 2021

More quick hits!

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NCAA Golf, but sort of not.
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Welcome to Boilermusings the weekly column where I take kernels of story ideas that I can’t quite flesh out and make them into one column. Enjoy!

NCAA(ish) Golf

After the disastrous handling of the NCAA Women’s Golf Regional it seemed like Purdue’s season was over. Turns out it wasn’t. Thanks to some quick planning (and a waiver from the NCAA) Barstool sports put on a tournament to allow the teams that didn’t automatically advance from the Louisiana region to head to a final tournament. This tournament in no way allows these teams and players to head to the NCAA Tournament but what it does do is allow them to end the season on the course rather than standing outside while some guy tells them something is cancelled.

This isn’t how these women deserved to have their season (and for some their careers) ended but it’s certainly better than the alternative that the NCAA offered which was exactly nothing. Good for Barstool.

Purdue Football Transfers

Our very own Kyle Holderfield did a story about the departures from the offensive line. You can take a look at that here. I won’t burden you with all the details because Kyle can handle that much better than I can. My question really is, is this the new normal? I know that spring practice just ended and players just finished up the semester so we can expect another round of transfers but at what point is the roster settled? I want the players to have this freedom because I believe that too often the rules are stacked against players. Which makes sense because the schools write the rules, the players have no say. However, I do feel some sympathy for the coaching staffs here. Jeff Brohm thought these guys would be here all throughout the spring then POOF they are gone.

Luckily the transfer portal is full of people that can be snatched up but it adds an extra layer of difficulty for Brohm and for all coaching staffs. It has become a second level of recruiting since you have to recruit from the high school ranks and now you’ve gotta go and recruit the transfer portal. If this becomes the new normal you have to assume that coaches at bigger name schools will use this to their advantage and waltz in and steal any recruit who has blown up since they got to college. It just means that coaches will need to cultivate even better relationships with their players. Let’s hope Brohm and company are up to this new challenge.

Purdue basketball draft

If you’ve been around the site lately you know that Casey and I restarted the podcast recently. Well over this past week we’ve released two episodes that discuss who we would draft on our all time Purdue basketball team. The results are pretty interesting and there will be more on that tomorrow. When doing a thing like this how do you draft? Do you draft based on the best athletes? If that’s the case players like Wooden, Mount, and really anyone before the last 25-30 years wouldn’t stand a chance. I took a tact that I think a lot of people didn’t like, which is fine, by drafting the best players of their time. I’ll make this argument more fully tomorrow but it seems to me that if someone was a 2 or 3 time All-American it means they were one of the best players in the era and regardless of era they deserve a place on an all-time team.

What do you think? If you’re drafting an all-time team do you go back to the beginning or do you only focus on the last few decades because of the obvious change in the game over this time? Which direction would you go?