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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Purdue Basketball All-Time Draft

Casey and I are joined by Travis and Kyle as we draft our squads.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four City Scenes
We are all our own coaches and GMs now.
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IT’S DRAFT DAY! No, no, no, not the movie with Kevin Costner where he’s inexplicably drafting for the Cleveland Browns (though I have a theory that Kevin Costner is determined to be in a sports movie about every sport but that’s not important right now.). I’m talking a Purdue basketball all-time greats draft!

So instead of Casey and I doing this one alone we wanted to have four teams being drafted so we invited Travis and Kyle to join us on this journey. We first set out some ground rules for the draft;

  1. Serpentine style draft meaning whoever drafts last in the round gets the first pick in the next so if you draft 4th in round 1 you draft 1st in round 2. Makes it a bit more fair.
  2. Draft order is decided by random order generator so there’s no playing favorites.
  3. We are going for 10 rounds.
  4. Round 10 is going to be a walk-on only round. Draft your favorite walk-on.
  5. Ultimate winner of the draft will be chosen by you, the reader, once the whole thing is released.
  6. We are only relying on people’s Purdue careers. NBA careers or overseas careers do not factor into the drafting. You get the player who left campus their final season.

Since this thing is 10 rounds and we had to talk some trash about each other’s teams this one went a bit long so we are breaking it up into podcasts. Now, I just want to be clear there is some trash talk about picks being bad and players not being right for someone’s team in that spot or wherever. This is all in good fun and we love every player that has ever put on the old gold and black. Okay? Okay.

So here it is, part one of the draft which ends with a bit of a cliffhanger with a pick that Casey makes that I think is just insane. Love the player but it just doesn’t make sense given the criteria we’ve set out. Have a listen, let us know what you think, who would you draft, and Hammer that subscribe button!