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Lorenzo Neal Jr. Signs with New Orleans Saints

The second generation NFL player will play for New Orleans

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It took a little while longer than Lorenzo Neal Jr. would’ve liked I’m sure but it finally happened. Late last night it was reported by Luke Johnson of the New Orleans Advocate that Neal had signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Neal came back for his senior year to show that he had fully returned from his injury and that he could continue to play at a high level. Unfortunately he didn’t show as much as NFL scouts had hoped and he wound up undrafted. Neal is a big man at 6’3 and 325 (according to ESPN) and can really eat up some space on a defensive line. There are questions about his weight and what type of shape he’s in but the hope is that by being in a professional environment in the NFL Neal will be able to control these things and get into the best shape of his life.

An interesting bit of symmetry here is that Neal’s father was a leader on the San Diego Chargers when Drew Brees was drafted there in the early 2000s. Neal Sr. was a leader on that team and it’s been reported that Drew Brees really learned a lot from him when he was beginning his career. Now, Neal Sr.’s son will be learning from the organization that Drew Brees brought to new heights. Brees of course won’t be there but it’s an interesting tidbit regardless.

Neal will have work cut out for him as he tries to make the opening day roster, as all unsigned free agents do, but if he puts in the work I believe that the talent is there. He just has to put it all together. Best of luck to the Boilermaker!