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Purdue Football: The Offensive Line

I think we will see the best offensive line in the Brohm era in 2021

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Purdue Offensive Line has been less than impressive since Coach Brohm’s opening 2017 season at Purdue.

That 2017 Offensive Line, lead by Kirk Barron, Dave Steinmetz and others, was easily his best since he has been at Purdue.

The 2021 offensive line should make a huge step forward from last season.

We are finally getting older on the offensive line, with starters and with depth players.

We have the best offensive lineman Purdue has probably had in a decade or more, with center Gus Hartwig, someone I see as a sure fire NFL player in the future.

With the returning starters of Gus Hartwig (Center), Greg Long (Right Tackle) and Cam Craig (Tackle/Guard). Purdue is set up pretty nice with their returning players, with also adding Grad Transfer Tyler Witt from Western Kentucky.

Additionally, Purdue is getting OLD on the offensive line, there are several 4th year juniors or 5th year seniors on the roster.

We need to see these guys on the field this year - they have been at Purdue long enough, with the strength program and working in the offensive system.

Jimmy McKenna, Will Bramel, Sam Garvin (former starter at center), Eric Miller, Mark Stickford and D.J Washington are all 4th or 5th year players at Purdue that need to be leaned on for depth.

On top of those names listed, we have a few 3rd year sophomores that should also add depth for us.

Spencer Holstege, Kyle Jornigan and Dave Monnot III are all 3rd year sophomores that should be in the mix to add depth to the team as well.

With the 3 returning players + Tyler Witt, we obviously need to see one person step up and take the Left Tackle job that Grant Hermanns left open by going pro.

To me, that is Cam Craig, granted he is healthy. When healthy last season, he was a starter, spending time at both guard and tackle.

We need at minimum 3 guys for depth, but preferably we could have 5 solid back ups as well.

Sam Garvin, if his back is healed, could be a guy to provide depth at center and both guard spots.

Jornigan also has back issues. But, if he could be heathy, he would provide solid depth at either guard spots as well. He is built similar to Tyler Witt, the transfer from WKU, he is a wide man.

Will Bramel could be a swing tackle, playing either one if need be. Eric Miller has been at Purdue for quite sometime and has played in spots, he could be another guy up for the tackle spot left void, or be very good depth as an older offensive lineman.

D.J. Washington has played in the past at an interior guard spot but has battled back from injury to try and get back in the rotation. I would like to see something from Jimmy McKenna as he was talked about heavily when recruited to Purdue.

Overall, I think we will see an improved offensive line. Here is what I have for my initial 2 deep.

LT - Will Bramel, Eric Miller

LG - Cam Craig, Jimmy McKenna

C - Gus Hartwig, Sam Garvin

RG - Tyler Witt, D.J. Washington

RT - Greg Long, Eric Miller