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Boilermusings May 13, 2021

Basketball rule changes, NIL, More women’s golf!

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Welcome to Boilermusings the weekly article where I write about a few stories that I can’t stretch out into individual articles. Sort of like a Vultron of stories into one bigger, more intimidating story.

College Basketball Rule Changes

The NCAA has recommended new rule changes for men’s basketball as they tend to do every offseason. A thorough review of them was released late last week. One of the highlights to me are that flopping can now result in a technical foul which would result in the opponent getting one free throw but the flopper getting no foul counted against him. It’s an interesting idea but my fear is it’s another judgment call that lands in the referees laps. These people don’t have the best track record #blarge so I worry about this a bit. I think it’s a good idea but the execution might be a problem.

Next season’s NIT will see a tweak in the number of fouls players are allowed. In the NIT next season players will be allowed 6 fouls but only a maximum of four each half. It’s a strange idea. So if you get four fouls in the first half you’re out for the rest of the game. If you only get one foul in the first half then you can only get a total of five in the game because your fourth foul in the second half would put you out for the game. Seems too cute by half to me.

One of the recommendations that just makes sense is that they are tweaking the timeouts so that if a coach calls a timeout at 16:03 it will count as the media timeout. This will reduce the number of timeouts and help the flow of the game. I’m all for this change.

NIL Changes are Coming

Noted NCAA superfan Jay Bilas pointed out on Twitter that NCAA President Mark Emmert is calling upon Congress to make a national NIL law so that there’s not a patchwork of laws from state to state. Isn’t this the NCAA’s job? Aren’t they supposed to regulate themselves and be able to control what goes on in their own cartel? Plus, who honestly things that Congress is gonna get anything done on this. Not to get all political but there’s basically zero chance that the parties get together and decide to pass a NIL law before the football season starts.

This is just another example of the NCAA passing the buck to someone else. You all know my stance on the NCAA (and if you don’t, it’s that their trash) and this just plays right into it. There’s absolutely no reason for the NCAA to be foisting this onto someone else. This is literally right in their job description. They are just an embarrassing organization that honestly can’t get anything done.

Women’s Golf Cancellation Still Ridiculous

I know that it’s women’s college golf and most of you don’t care, and honestly I’ll admit I don’t even really like golf of any type, but regardless this should anger you. The fallout from the cancellation is still coming with former college golfers chiming in. The best example came from Madison Kerley via what else but a tweet, this time with video!

I don’t play a ton of golf but that course sure doesn’t look playable at a championship level, but I guess those were different times. The NCAA took away the chance for all these athletes to play their way to a title and I’ve not seen a good reason yet other than the almighty dollar. Do better NCAA. You’re embarrassing yourself...AGAIN!