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Purdue Basketball: Assistant Coaching Holes

Well, now what?

NCAA Basketball Tournament - South Regional - Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Micah Shrewsberry is gone, headed to Penn State.

Steve Lutz is gone, headed to Texas Corpus-Christi.

Not only are our top two assistants gone, we will be losing our graduate assistants as well. Grady Eifert and P.J. Thompson has used their 2 seasons at Purdue as Grad Assistants.

So, not only are we replacing the “coordinators” of the basketball team, we will be replacing two spots with up and coming coaches as well.

For Steve Lutz’ position that is seen as the defensive coach, the first name that comes to mind is long time friend of Coach Matt Painter, in Paul Lusk, who once served as an assistant coach under Matt Painter.

He was a primary recruiter of the Baby Boilers team, helping Paint get some pretty solid commits during his time.

For the “Offensive Coordinator” role to replace Shrewsberry, I think this will be a much broader search and I really can’t tell you many names. Maybe Coach Brantley, who has now been a long term assistant for Paint gets elevated, he has been responsible for the growth of our Bigs, including players like AJ Hammons, Caleb Swanigan, Isaac Haas, Trevion Williams and now Zach Edey.

Maybe he looks for another NBA assistant that is trying to propel himself into the college game. Maybe he looks at the staffs of the SIX head coaches he has now produced from his coaching tree.

These assistant coach positions will be highly sought after. Painter now has a track record of making his top assistants into head coaches. There is no reason for that to change now, Coach Painter is clearly a coach that develops his players and his coaches to send them to the next level.

I am interested on who he will hire, Lusk seems so obvious for the defensive coordinator type of job, but on offense, I really do not know. I also have no clue who he may try to bring back as GA’s.