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2021 NFL Draft: Rondale Moore Drafted 49th Overall by Arizona Cardinals

Tear it up, big man

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Rondale Moore exploded onto the scene on August 30, 2018 when he broke Purdue’s single game all-purpose yardage record, gaining the vast majority of that yardage in just the first half. We heard rumors he was going to be good, but when he took the ball on a 3rd and 1 jet sweep against Northwestern in that first game and simply left everyone behind for a 70+ yard touchdown we got our first “Holy shit, this guy might be transcendent” moments.

That 2018 season was magical, really. Rondale became an All-American, people were talking about a Purdue player in glowing terms, and the future was bright knowing we had two more years of him before he was off to the NFL. He was a “How the hell do you stop this guy” guy.

Thanks to a hamstring injury and a worldwide pandemic we basically got six more games of him out of 18 played, and just one, the Vanderbilt game, where he really get to show off. For Purdue fans, it was a cruel twist to have the first true freshman All-American in Big Ten history, but we didn’t get to see him much in the following two seasons.

The Arizona Cardinals get to enjoy him now, but we’ll be watching.

God bless you, Rondale. Go be a legend.