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Boilermusings April 22, 2021

Terry Johnson, NCAA OT, Assistant Coaches

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Welcome to this week’s Boilermusings where I take a few stories that I can’t write a whole story on and squeeze them together into one. For the clicks. Off we go!

Matt Painter Hires Terry Johnson

As you saw earlier today, Matt Painter found the final piece of the 2021-2022 coaching staff when he hired Terry Johnson away from the Ohio State Buckeyes. Johnson is widely regarded as one of the best assistant coaches out there and that can be seen largely in who has hired him and who has kept him around. When you see a name like Brad Stevens on someone’s resume as a former boss you know there’s something there. Johnson was hired by Stevens as Butler in 2007 and was there for 10 years. When Stevens left he was retained by the next two coaches. While Butler was a strange case in those seasons with such amazing consistency it still says a lot about Johnson as a coach that everyone wanted to keep him around. Also, Holtmann brought him with him from Butler to Ohio State. Always a good sign.

I can’t pretend to know which players at Ohio State Johnson helped recruit nor can I do the same with his tenure at Butler. What I can say is that Johnson was part of a staff that won a lot of games throughout the past dozen years. That doesn’t happen unless everyone on the staff is pulling their weight. If Johnson were just skating by he wouldn’t keep moving up in his career and be on teams that just seem to keep winning. It’s unclear to me why Johnson hasn’t been given a shot as a head man somewhere but I would think after 2-3 years he may get his shot. Painter has shown the ability to help those on his staff find head coaching jobs and I wouldn’t imagine Johnson will be any different.

Coaching Carousel

With Johnson moving from Ohio State to Purdue that marks the second assistant basketball coach to switch conference teams this year. He joins Dane Fife who went from Michigan State to Indiana. Fife is a bit different of course because he is a former IU player. However, I can’t recall any assistant coaches switching within the conference like this. That is, unless you count Dane Fife reneging on a deal to coach at Purdue to bolt and go to Michigan State. What a bizarre situation that was.

What does this say about the state of these four programs or about the state of college coaching in general? I can’t say for sure but it just seems like such a strange phenomenon especially during this offseason when the transfer portal is all the rage. I don’t have a problem with these people taking different jobs but I have noticed that there’s not a huge outrage of someone trying to find a better position for themselves if the one they are in isn’t working. Strange.

NCAA Football Overtime

College overtime, one of the best overtime systems there is, is being tweaked. Starting with the 2021 season teams will be required to go for 2 in the second overtime and if the game goes past two overtimes it turns into a two point conversion shootout type situation. Teams previously only had to go for two in the 3rd overtime and the strange two point conversion shootout didn’t start until the 5th overtime.

I am conflicted about these changes. On the one hand it’s probably better for the players because adding so much game time can wreak havoc on their bodies so that’s a good thing. On the other hand college football overtime is so good already these tweaks are changing a situation that I think most people love. Overall I’ll yield to player safety and say that this is a good decision because most games won’t ever see these rules and specifically the shootout issue will likely be very very rare.