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Boilers in the Pros: Bernard Pollard, Making a Come Back?

One of Purdue’s all time greats is ready to try the NFL, again.

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

His Ravens’ teammates called him, Bonecrusher. Fitting in with Ed Reed and Ray Lewis on a Super Bowl run, seamlessly.

But, just a few seasons later, Bonecrusher retired from the NFL, ending his career with the Titans.

The former 2nd round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs is now debating a comeback, already talking to the Chiefs and Ravens.

He retired back in 2014 and after 6 seasons off, the 36 year old is ready to bring his 700+ tackles back into the NFL, believing he has some gas left in the tank.

His main cause of retirement in 2014 was due to injuries, he is now healthy and ready to make an impact for a super bowl contending team.

Since he retired in 2014, he has focused on coaching a bit, but has also served communities, with his charitable organization, “Pollard’s Helping Hands” where he and his family make sure that lower income families have essentials to celebrate the holidays each year.

Bernard was part of some of the great Joe Tiller teams in the early 2000s before becoming one of the most consistent and underrated safeties in the NFL.

Best of luck, Bernard!