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VIDEO: Recapping Purdue Men’s Basketball Season With Rapheal Davis & Lewis Jackson!

Two legends got fired up talking about Purdue!

Two former Purdue guards that truly embody what it means to be a Boilermaker, Rapheal Davis and Lewis Jackson, joined me to recap the 2020-21 Purdue Men’s Basketball season! Both of these guys are very in tune and know exactly how the program is run through their experiences, from last place in the Big Ten to winning Big Ten Championships. Purdue fans should take in what they are saying because they know what is going on and what needs to happen moving forward more than all of us combined. Hope you guys enjoy, Boiler Up!

You can watch the full podcast using the link below and scroll down to see an outline of the conversation:

*Lewis joined at the 15:40 mark into the episode, and Rapheal left at the 48:12 mark. They were both on the call between those two times*

During the podcast, Rapheal, Lewis and I discussed:

- Roy Williams sudden retirement from North Carolina.

- Rumors about Matt Painter leaving Purdue for Missouri and UCLA in past season’s.

- The camps that Rapheal & Lewis have been putting on in their communities and how things have been going with them.

- A summer league for kids that they will be hosting along with former Ohio State All-American DeShaun Thomas in Fort Wayne!

- What they are hoping to accomplish through these camps.

*Lewis joins the podcast*

- Will Lewis be suiting up for Men of Mackey in the 2021 TBT?

- How did this Purdue team lives up to their expectations?

- What the team’s biggest weaknesses are that must be addressed before next season.

- Why Rapheal and Lewis would not call the North Texas loss an “upset”.

- Matt Painter should be getting no hate from Purdue fans.

- What are reasonable expectations out of the Purdue program year in and year out?

- Why Matt Painter is the best leader Purdue could ever have.

- Debunking the narrative that Painter chokes in March.

*Rapheal leaves the podcast*

- How they feel about Purdue heading into next season.

- Will Brandon Newman and Zach Edey make the jump from freshmen to sophomore year?

- Thoughts on Aaron Wheeler and Emmanuel Dowuona transferring from the school.

- What will the recipe for success look like in a potential NCAA Tournament run next season?