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Martin Vintage Introduces New “Purdue Business” Shirt

It’s business time!

It’s not Wednesday, but you know what time it is:

Our partners at Martin Vintage have a great selection of vintage. If you have money left over after humiliating IU in the EDSBS Charity Bowl head on over to Martin Vintage, where they have introduced their new Purdue Business shirt:

Another classic from Martin Vintage, this one celebrating one of Purdue’s greatest majors....BUSINESS!

Martin Vintage created a shirt for Purdue’s Engineering School and it was so well received that they decided to utilize this same style and roll out a Business School shirt. The ultra soft shirt is printed on a black American Apparel 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend. The back features 6 disciplines within the Krannert School of Management: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, Economics, and Supply Chain. All of these programs are portrayed by Purdue Pete! The shirt comes in sizes small through 3XL.

Whether you’re working on the next ad campaign, balancing the books, or occupying the corner office, show your pride in Purdue’s Krannert School of Management!

Another thing to note....Martin Vintage has restocked some of their best designs including Classic Purdue Basketball & Boilermaker Basketball!