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Purdue Lands #4 Seed in 2021 Big Ten Tournament

With the final games played the 2021 field is set.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament
The home of the 2021 Big Ten Tournament
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

All the regular season games have been played (mostly). The champion has been crowned (Michigan). The double byes have been earned (Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Purdue). Now, it’s time to take a look at the bracket and make your guesses as to how it’s all going to play out.

A lot is at stake this week at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of 8,000 fans. Many in the conference already have their ticket to the NCAA Tournament punched but some could still use some help. Michigan State seems to be on the right side of the bubble at this point, but IU has fallen squarely off. Would a deep run in the Big Ten Tournament be enough for them? Could a surprise team like Minnesota who looked so good for part of the year surprise and make the long trek from Wednesday to Sunday?

With Wisconsin getting beaten by Iowa (thanks to #refshow) Purdue is locked in at the 4 seed and will await the winner of Ohio State v. Northwestern/Minnesota. It seems likely that it’s going to be Ohio State meaning Purdue would face Ohio State for the third time this season. Purdue walked away with nail biting wins each time and a third game would likely be just as thrilling. Should Purdue get by Ohio State they would likely face conference champion Michigan. Getting past them would be difficult and would probably lead to a final matchup with Illinois. Upsets happen so you never know how much of this would come to pass but one thing is for sure, there is no easy road to the tournament title this season. It should make for one heck of a tournament. Minnesota vs. Northwestern tips off at 6:30 PM on Wednesday March 10th.