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Purdue vs. IU Predictions - Basketball Edition

Purdue vs. IU in Mackey and a guaranteed double bye for Purdue is on the line.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

These games just mean more. We normally don’t do prediction posts for basketball games but when it comes to games against IU there are NO RULES!

As I sit here rocking my POTFH shirt I can’t help but think about all the great Purdue vs. Indiana games I’ve watched. A few notable ones come to mind:

The Chad Austin game winner in 1997.

Jon Octeus baptizing the masses in 2015:

Carsen Edwards dunk against IU in 2018:

Let’s not forget Eric Hunter Jr. just last year:

Those dunks were all so beautiful it inspired someone to create this gif I found:

Who will be the Boilermaker to provide the highlight tonight? My money is on Jaden Ivey just based on sheer explosiveness. Trevion Williams is my runner-up. I think this team desperately wants to beat IU again because they don’t want to be known as the group that broke the streak.

Purdue 78

IU 65

Jace Says:

I’ve got Purdue winning this one 69-60. It’s a rivalry game so I think Indiana will come ready to play, but Purdue will handle their business against a struggling team. The Boilers are getting hot at the right time, while Indiana is imploding from within. Different day, same result. Matt Painter could put the final nail in the coffin for Archie Miller’s tenure as IU’s coach if he is not already gone.

Casey Says:

I ran across this psychology meme the other day about how a sign you might have anxiety is if you continuously watch the same tv shows and movies because it’s something comforting to you because you already know the up and downs and outcomes and it soothes you. I really responded to that.

Anyways it’s great that this ‘rivalry’ has turned into Parks and Rec reruns for Purdue fans.

Purdue 72, Indiana 59

Travis Says:

I am always nervous and it is Indiana. Purdue fans are getting big heads with the eight game win streak and Indiana struggled to get to .500, but the Hoosiers are still dangerous. Yeah, the record isn’t great, but Indiana has played a lot of teams better than Purdue tough. Any time you have a player like Trayce Jackson-Davis who can be completely dominant you have to worry. Indiana reminds me of Purdue last year. The talent is there, but they cannot get over the hump and it has cost them their NCAA chances barring a late run. Plus it is Indiana-Purdue. It is going to be close and we don’t have the force multiplier that is Mackey. I think Purdue wins in the 5-10 point range.

Kyle Says:

Purdue and IU Basketball seem to be on completely different sides of the planet. In what used to be a pretty tight race, Coach Painter has dominated IU in the most recent years.

In Iu’s last game, tensions boiled over to where it looked like their star player was yelling at head coach Archie Miller. While rivalry games generally bring out the best in both squads, this appears to be a match up in which IU is done with the season and the Boilers are surging, winning four games in a row.

Purdue 74 IU 62